Without computers, teacher has to design Word page to teach

“Every teacher has a way of presenting content to their students. This is my way, “Kwadwo said in a statement posted on Bored Panda.

Do you remember having computer classes at school? If so, they probably happened with the students using computers and with a teacher explaining the functions and facilities of several programs that, over time, become more and more inserted in our everyday life, after all it is difficult to find who does not have a computer in home or at least some library equipped with computers nearby.

This is not even close to reality around the world, however, a publication, made by a computer teacher on Facebook, ended up viralizing precisely by reminding us of that.

In the posting, Owura Kwadwo, who teaches in a rural area of Ghana, Africa, shows photos of the computer classes he gives his little ones. Because they do not have access to computers, they simply have no idea, for example, of what a simple Word page is, and to solve the problem, Kwadwo simply drew a whole page in a frame.

“Every teacher has a way of presenting content to their students. This is my way, “Kwadwo said in a statement posted on Bored Panda. The dedicated teacher has extra skills, that’s true, and this is linked to the fact that he also studied visual arts, and so he did not have much difficulty in making his drawings.

“I do this to make my students understand what I’m teaching. At least to give a picture of what they would see if they were in front of a computer. I guarantee they understand everything well before they leave class, “he explained.

If many people praised the commitment of the teacher, other people in the country questioned the fact that, in the middle of 2018, there are still schools with such precarious didactic resources. In relation to Ghana, Kwadwo believes that the situation tends to improve as the government has taken educational measures aimed at improving the situation for both students and teachers.

Another nice side of the publication is that since it was made, the teacher started receiving offers of donations of computer equipment, now he wants to help other schools in the region.

Written by marcos alvaro

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