Us senators ask twitter and other giants to block terrorist accounts

Technology giants like Twitter,  Facebook, Microsoft, and YouTube have are in a global partnership to more quickly identify “terrorist content” on their platforms and reduce their dissemination and propagation.

US companies created a common database of fingerprints digital photos or advertising and recruiting videos that are removed from their platforms, from a common message relayed on their websites.

“By sharing information with one another, we can use fingerprints to help identify the potential terrorist content of their respective platforms,” they said in a statement.

No messages will be removed or blocked automatically, but it will be up to each company to assess whether the content identified violates its own rules. They will also have to decide independently that photos or videos should be added to the common base. For now, they want to start by removing “more extreme and flagrant” images and videos, with “a greater likelihood of violating the rules of all our businesses.”

In the future, they want to discuss how to involve more companies in the project, though they point out that each will continue to deal independently with requests for information or removal of government content or law enforcement.

The initiative comes after the United States, the European Commission and several governments have repeatedly appealed for social networks to intensify their fight against online jihadist propaganda in recent months. Following these calls, Twitter has suspended since the mid 2015 more than 360,000 accounts that promoted terrorism.

Written by marcos alvaro

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