Toyota collision avoidance system uses radar to predict accidents

Technology can take on steering wheel and brakes if the driver does not act fast in emergencies.

Toyota is working on a new accident prevention system that can intervene directly in the direction of the car to avoid impacts. The device monitors the action of the driver and the surroundings of the car through various sensors, cameras and even radars, and when detecting a risk situation, can apply more force on the brakes and steer the wheel alone if the driver does not take the steps quickly to avoid the accident.

For the time being, the system is still geared towards reducing road-blocking, and diverting pedestrians from the car. According to information from the American newspaper The Detroit News, there is not yet a date for technology to hit the streets, but it should not be in the distant future. The system is a step ahead of the Volvo, which can “just” brake the car alone in an emergency.

In addition to preventing accidents, Toyota is also eyeing the health of motorists. The Japanese woman is also studying what to do if the driver suffers any harm – a heart attack, for example – while driving.

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