Toshiba launches 1st Windows Phone Mango waterproof and dustproof

Fujitsu-Toshiba announced in Japan the first smartphone that runs the new version of Microsoft’s operating system for mobile devices, Windows Phone 7 Mango. According to the company, the Windows Phone IS12T has a 3.7-inch screen and is the first Japanese smartphone resistant to water and dust.

The smartphone has a 13.2 megapixel camera and 32 GB internal memory. With the device running the new version of Microsoft’s system, users can read and edit Microsoft Office files, such as Word and Excel. The IS12T also lets you share and store files by Windows Live SkyDrive, a cloud service operated by Microsoft.

The Mango was announced in September, seven months after the launch of the first smartphones running Windows Phone 7, which was well received by analysts, but did not attract the public, and brought more than 500 new functions. Among them, Internet Explorer 9 with HTML 5 support, multitasking support and allows users to switch text chat between Facebook and Windows Live Messenger, as well as integrating messages from Twitter and LinkedIn.

Written by marcos alvaro

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