Samsung announces new unbreakable OLED screen for smartphones

Display newly developed by the manufacturer has received certification of durability against falls and temperature variations.

Samsung announced this week that its newly developed “unbreakable” OLED screen for smartphones has been certified for its durability by UL testing company Underwriters Laboratories, which provides services to the US government.

Among other things, the new display of the South Korean manufacturer differs in the market by bringing a transparent plastic cover that emulates the properties of the glass while maintaining its flexibility.

“The fortified plastic window is especially suitable for portable electronic devices, not only because of its unbreakable features but also because of its light weight, transmissivity and rigidity, which are very similar to glass,” explained Samsung’s general communications manager Display, Hojung Kim.

In its news release, Samsung points out that the screen has passed the UL durability tests, which are based on military standards set by the US Department of Defense.

“After a drop test administered at 1.2 meters above the ground for 26 consecutive times, and high temperature tests (71 degrees Celsius) and low (-32 degrees Celsius) , Samsung’s unbreakable panel continued to function normally without any giving in front, side or edges, “says the company. You can see the video below provided by Samsung to observe another details and made tests .

In addition to smartphones, the new screen may also be used in other electronics such as car display consoles, military mobile devices, handheld video games and e-learning tablets, according to Samsung.

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