Russian journalist leaks new information about the Galaxy Note 9

This time the source was Eldar Murtazin, a well known Russian technology reporter who apparently has been testing the device at over the past two months.

After being accidentally confirmed earlier this week, a new security breach brings further details about the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. This time the source was Eldar Murtazin, a well-known Russian technology reporter who apparently has been testing the device at over the past two months.

Murtazin’s initial impressions seem consistent, confirming most of the expected updates to the model, starting with design. According to the reporter, Note 9 is virtually identical to its visual predecessor – even though the fingerprint reader has been shifted in the back, now down on the lens and … still out of the picture. screen.

There are novelties linked to photographic functions as well. Unlike the standard featured in the Galaxy S9 Plus, the Note 9 features two horizontal rear lenses. In addition, Murtazin states that the treatment of the images promoted by software has improved considerably when compared to G Note 8,  presenting improvements of quality and optical stabilization. Nothing related to the (previously problematic) front camera was commented on, though.

Battery for 25 hours of video

One of the main flags of the Note line has always been autonomy. This should not only remain in Galaxy Note 9 as it should still be impressively expanded. In the tests conducted by Murtazin, the device was able to display videos for 25 hours at a time with the brightness of the screen at most.

Of course, this brings a considerable setback: a heavier smartphone than its predecessor. After all, the device comes packed with a 4,000 mAh battery pack – designed to last up to two days of normal use.


More memory, more storage

The reporter also mentions RAM gains, with a base model of 6 GB expandable up to 8 GB, and also internal storage, with versions of 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB (although it is not yet known if this pattern will be the same in all markets). According to him, these configurations were able to guarantee a very consistent operation of the device during the tests.

Finally, Murtazin also spoke of a completely renewed S Pen, with support for Bluetooth and greater precision, as well as new Emojis of augmented reality (AR), to be made available after the launch. It remains to imagine what space will be occupied by what is, ultimately, an update of Note 8; this in an ecosystem that has on the horizon a Galaxy S10 birthday, in addition to other weight devices that should compose the Samsung line for 2019.

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