NASA could set up astronaut moon base in next decade.

According to USA Today, Space Agency wants to have unit to facilitate the sending of manned missions.

NASA plans to set up a space station on the moon over the next 10 years to facilitate sending manned missions, according to a new report from USA Today.

According to the paper, however, this Space Agency station would not be able to send the astronauts without the aid of a lunar lander, which would have to be provided by a private company or another country.

Photo taken by NASA’s team from space .

Recently, Israel announced that it intends to send a mission to the moon in 2018 through a partnership with Elon Musk’s Space X, whose Falcon 9 rocket will aid in shipping the country’s aircraft to the site.

Shortly before that, in late May, Amazon CEO and owner of Blue Origin space company, Jeff Bezos revealed plans to colonize the Moon in the coming decades to transform it into a hub for heavy industry with the intent of preserving natural resources of the Earth.

Moon x mars

The new NASA initiative highlights the gap in approach to the Space Agency between Trump and Obama administrations. While the former president had a greater emphasis on sending humans to Mars, his successor signed the Space Policy Directive 1 in December for astronauts to return to the moon.

It is worth remembering that the last manned NASA mission to the Moon, the Apollo 17, happened in the year 1972.

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