Motorola strikes Samsung and Apple in new video

“The best does not always cost more” Says Video.

Motorola has no planned launch for MWC 2018, but that does not mean the brand (currently under the control of China’s Lenovo) has not prepared anything for the world’s largest mobile show. We are not talking about any announcements, but only a provocation made to their main rivals.

The day Samsung officially unveiled the long awaited S9 and S9 +, Motorola unveiled a commercial in which it provokes both the South Korean giant and Apple. In the video of only 16 seconds you can see two rows of people side by side.

On one side are people with oriental features and dressed in black, a clear reference to Samsung; on the other, are people wearing white and with Western traits, a reference to Apple users.

Behold, both groups are illuminated by Motorola coloring and the phrase “the best does not always cost more” can be read and heard.

Remembering that the latest smartphones from Google are white and also have a price nothing inviting, it is possible to even include the Mountain View giant in the cake of companies prodded by Moto in its new commercial.

The latest top of the line launched by Motorola was the Moto Z2 Force, announced in July last year. The device features advanced settings and price under the top models of Apple, Samsung and Google.

In addition, the intermediate lines of the company also usually have competitive prices and good resources.

Written by marcos alvaro

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