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Microsoft thought about tablet before but apple did better says bill gates

In an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes,” Bill Gates talked about his relationship with Steve Jobs. The Microsoft founder cited a meeting he had with Apple’s founder before he died and explained why the competitor had more success with mobile devices as tablets.

Gates praised Jobs’s ability to think in design. “Microsoft did tablets, many tablets, way before Apple, but they put the pieces together in a way that worked,” he said. “It showed that design can lead to phenomenal products.”

Just to remind you that in an interview earlier than that, made in 2012 year  during an interview presented by the journalist Charlie Rose on the American TV network PBS, Bill Gates said the same thing: “He (Steve Jobs) did a few things better than me.” The timing in terms of when to cast, the engineering work, the package everything was put in. The tablets we had done before were not so thin and were not as attractive as to what came next, ”

“We were the same age, and we were naively optimistic and built great companies,” said the founder of Microsoft on CBS’s “60 Minutes. “And all the fantasies we had about creating products and learning new things we hit, and most of them as competitors, but we always kept some respect and communication, even when he was sick.”

About the last meeting before Jobs died, Gates recalled that the colleague was excited, even sick. “He was not melancholy, he showed me the boat he was working on and talked about how excited he was about the future even when we both knew there was a good chance it would not happen”

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