Meet the amazing im watch: the first real smartwatch in the world

Before the iWatch, I’m Watch draws attention at MWC 2013.

While iWatch, Apple ‘s smart watch, is just the stage for rumors and patent applications in the United States, a similar gadget, even attracted attention at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013 in Barcelona. It was I’m Watch Pinned from the booths of the event, the clock of the Italian company I’m Smart, had already been presented at CES in Las Vegas, and other technology events and sites since 2012.

According to the product’s website, I’m Watch connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and enables functions such as speakerphone, SMS reading, e-mails and appointment calendar.

I’m Watch also comes with applications developed for the watch. Viewing photos, accessing Facebook, and a compass are some of the features enabled by apps.

Running an operating system called Droid 2.0, the watch also offers data on cloud services, sports and music applications.

The similarities with Apple go beyond the brand name. The site has a design that resembles the official addresses of the Cupertino company and, judging by the characters in the photos, I’m Watch targets a market of high consumption and varied ages. The iWatch, however, promises functions more advanced than the Italian model.

For more details you can see the video below:

Written by marcos alvaro

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