Meet coin a connected device that help you to use multiple credit cards in one place

Do you have more than one credit card and are you confused about which one to use when making a purchase? So pay attention to the following idea because it can solve your problems. This is Coin, a device created by a US startup that promises to digitally store information from up to eight credit, debit, gift or other types of magnetic devices.

According to The Next Web, the idea is to put all your accounts together into one product to make it easier to choose which one to use. The Coin works the same way as the original cards: you can pass it on any card-reading machine or at ATMs, both for withdrawals, deposits and other banking transactions.

To register the cards is also very simple. Simply download the accessory application on your smartphone and synchronize the device with a small reader built into the card through the BLE (Low Power Bluetooth) connection. Once this is done, you will no longer need to set up your cards for the gadget, only if you want to change, add, or delete some card number.

In design, Coin is very reminiscent of traditional cards. The differences are in this reader for BLE, in a magnetic strip that can be changed, a button to select the desired card and a small display that shows the last four digits of the chosen card, its expiration date and its security code ( the last three numbers on the back of the card).

The company still thought about the safety of the owner when developing an intelligent warning system. If the user loses or forgets the card at a retail store, the product application sends a warning to the cell phone telling them where it is. The person can go back to pick it up or deactivate it remotely.

Coin is a promising and quite functional idea to make your wallet less bulky and more organized. In addition, the device’s proposal is interesting because although tablets and smartphones already offer support for account payments and purchases, the method is still not very reliable by most users.

Written by marcos alvaro

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