Iphone game irritates justin bieber and brings developers to justice

iphone game irritates justin bieber and brings developers to justice

There are several ways to make fun of someone. If you are a normal person, some nicknames may be enough to get you out of the way, while celebrities have to endure satires, parodies and other types of jokes. And Justin Bieber to say so.

The star of the moment did not like anything a joke made by RC3, game developer for iOS. That’s because the singer found it offensive to see his image be associated with a beaver in the game Joustin ‘Beaver, so much so that he decided to go to court against the creators of the title, demanding his withdrawal from the AppStore and a sales report.

Of course, the fact that Bieber did not like the game served only to popularize the game, which costs only $ 0.99, which means that a lot of people will buy just to know if it is really offensive.

The most curious of all is that Joustin ‘Beaver brings nothing that hits the image of the pop star. In the game, you control a famous beaver who must flee paparazzi while trying to descend the river bed to get to the place where his fans are waiting for him.

Written by marcos alvaro

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