IPhone X and iPad Pro win award for best screens of the year

The iPhone X and iPad Pro provided Apple with two best screen awards of 2017.

The iPhone X and iPad Pro provided Apple with two best screen awards of 2017. The controversial clipping on the display was no problem during the analysis of best screen application, category overtaken by Apple’s supercell. Already the new generation of the iPad Pro, with 10.5 inches and 12 inches, won as display of the year, due to ProMotion and True Tone technologies.

The result is part of the Display Industry Awards, held by the Society for Information Display (SID) – an entity that brings together manufacturers and scientists, and promotes research for the development of the industry.

The screen of the iPhone X was considered the one of better application due to the innovation. According to SID, the Smartphone was one of the first to bring the display as a main factor, due to the elimination of the Home button and buttons dedicated to navigation.

The design with the frame for the front camera was heavily criticized at the time of launch. However, several manufacturers have launched similar-format models, such as Asus, with Zenfone 5 and, more recently, LG and G7 ThinQ.

The quality of the OLED display was also one of the determining factors. The iPhone X was the first Apple cell phone to bring this kind of panel. The phone has a Super Retina screen of 5.8 inches and a pixel density of 458 ppi. Contrast, color fidelity and black tones, as well as support for HDR 10 and Dolby Vision technologies have also contributed to the smartphone delivering the best in the category.

Another device receiving the same award was the LG Crystal Sound TV. The model has a sound system integrated in the display, causing the audio to be emitted by the screen, not by outputs at the rear or at the edges.

Already in the new generation of the iPad Pro, the highlights were due to technologies unique to Apple. With ProMotion, the tablet offers a flexible refresh rate, ranging from 24 Hz to 120 Hz. With this, the device can adapt to the content by providing a smoother transition in page and video scrolling, but also improving the time of Apple Pencil.

True Tone, also present on iPhone X, allows the system to manage white balance according to ambient light. In this way, the device corrects the color of the elements on the screen according to illumination.

Along with the iPad Pro, the Sharp Aquos TV took the award for best screen of the year. The model features a 70-inch LCD panel with 8K resolution. According to the jurors, it brings as a differential the level of detail, the luminance and the range of colors.

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