Gadget lets you record videos and take 3D photos using the iPhone

Shooting and filming in three dimensions with the iPhone can now be made possible thanks to 3DCone, a gadget that uses a special accessory and a free iOS application to take 3D photos.

The main difference of the 3D Cone is the fact that your application is not like the other programs of 3D Camera, where the users have to move their smartphone to take the three-dimensional photo. The object turns the iPhone into a stereoscopic camera. With an internal mirror, the invention allows the same image to be photographed from two different angles and, with the help of a special app, the two photos are joined, creating the illusion.

Several specialized websites, such as Mashable, Gizmag, Redmon Pie and TechZed rated the project very well. However, 3DCone is still out of the way. The object is seeking funds at the Kickstarter collective financing site, and needs to raise $55,000.

So far, the idea has raised just about $5,000 via Kickstarter. That is, it still needs another $50,000 to actually put into practice.

Watch a video of the project below:

Written by marcos alvaro

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