Facebook messenger wants to beat up msn messenger on windows

Facebook is the most popular social network of the moment. Most Internet users have a profile created and they share the most diverse information, including images, videos, etc. One of the features present in the structure of Facebook is the possibility for users to communicate directly between them through chat.

A week ago we announced here the test version of Facebook Messenger that leaked on the Internet. The companies decided not to hide this new application for chat and yesterday made it available officially via Facebook.

Facebook Messenger is an attempt to keep the user always connected to the service without having to force the same to have the page loaded in the browser, knowing that this way you will not be able to do it, but that with a messenger client the user, in the image of what happens with other IMs, you will always be connected and have real time access to your mural.

Key features of Facebook Messenger:

-Chat functionality between social network users.

-Possibility to see the latest updates from friends.

-Real-time notifications (with sound).

-Possibility to place the fixed application on the right side of Windows.

-Support for tabs in the chat window.

-Support for smiles.

After installing Facebook Messenger, simply log in with the credentials of the social network.

The Facebook chat client has two panels where in one of them we can check the profiles updates of our friends in real time, and in the other panel we can start chatting with our friends.

The official version provided by Facebook apparently adds nothing new to the version that leaked on the Internet. With Facebook Messenger, the company of Mark Zuckerberg wants to mark its presence in the segment and who knows beyond Microsoft. The facebook social network currently has around 800 million active users!

Written by marcos alvaro

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