Disney reveals new snow simulation technology in cgi

Disney is launching a new animation called Frozen  and to show how it made the film, revealed to the world a new technology created to simulate snow in a digital environment.

In the video, which you can see just above, it shows how the algorithm used by Walt Disney Studios developers and the different applications to simulate snow in a digital environment was created. It’s amazing to see the physics used and how much the “lie” version of the snow resembles the real one.

The animated film “Frozen” tells the story of Princess Elsa, who was born with the ability to create ice and snow, though she hides it from everyone. When his powers accidentally condemn the kingdom to an eternal winter, it self-exile in an ice castle. It is when his sister Anna and the fearless Kristoff decide to leave in a journey to bring it back and try to reverse the winter in summer. Watch the animation trailer below.

Written by marcos alvaro

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