Complaint made via twitter for Indian prime minister’s department helps to prevent abduction of girls in India

It all started when Adarsh Shrivastava noted that some of them were crying and decided to notify the Indian authorities via Twitter .

In a rather unusual case, an Indian citizen helped police prevent the abduction of a group of girls from succeeding in India last week. It all started when Adarsh Shrivastava traveled by train in the Asian country and shared the wagon with several other underage girls.

He noted that some of them were crying and decided to notify the Indian authorities via Twitter, posting messages in his profile on the social network and marking the profile of Indian Prime Minister ( Narendra Modi ) ‘s office 😲 , and railroad administration bodies. The most curious thing is that he created an account in the social network just to make the complaint. You can see his tweet bellow :

In the other message, he suggested that they were being victims of “human trafficking” and reported the current location of the train.

About half an hour after the message was sent on Twitter, plainclothes police got into the train and found the wagon where Shirvastava and the group of children and teenagers were. There, they approached the 26 girls and questioned why they were there. Since the answers were vague and contradictory, police arrested the two 22- and 55-year-old men who accompanied the group.

The girls, aged 10 to 14, were taken to a shelter and their parents were told about the rescue, reports the Hindustan Times website. The authorities did not disclose whether the case is a human trafficking network, or whether it was an isolated case.


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