China: robot is hired to present TV show

The first show will be broadcasted on June 6 on the news channel of Nanning TV and Nanning News APP


A 29-pound (1.21-meter) tall robot was hired to be the anchor of Nanning TV….exhibited in the autonomous region of Guangxi Zhuang, southwest China. The news was released by the show itself.

Named Chao Neng Xiao Bai, the robot comes equipped with artificial intelligence and will host the attraction alongside another human presenter. One of its functions will be to search and analyze data.

The Chinese television channel said the robot runs from eight to twelve hours with a single charge of four hours, and that it can also talk and dance with people. The first episode that will feature Chao Neng Xiao Bai’s anchor will be aired on June 6 on the news channel and the Nanning News app.

This could be the beginning of a new era in Chinese television programming, which was already making plenty of space for robots in battle programs, where developers had to build battle bots to duel each other. This kind of attraction has become a fever for some time, and the natural evolution of this seems to be the “hiring” of Chao Neng Xiao Bai as an anchor.

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