Check out the design of Lite OS, Microsoft’s lightweight operating system

Microsoft is working on a competitor for the Chrome OS operating system, This is Lite OS.

Microsoft is working on a competitor for the Chrome OS operating system. This is Lite OS, which will have a new interface and be focused on users working with only one application at a time. There is little information on Lite OS, but Bras Sams, from the Petri site, had access to a version of OS and revealed, through a model image, what it looks like.

As far as we know, Lite OS will run Windows Universal Platform (UWP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) applications, but Microsoft plans to bring Win32 apps to the operating system. The idea is to create an environment that, unlike Windows, does not have a maintenance overhead, but still has a system of windows and files (as in File Explorer) and configuration tools.

Microsoft’s lightweight operating system must paint on devices in categories like Pegasus and Centaurus. Centaurus devices are dual-screen devices that have been appearing in patent and other locations, while Pegasus refers to the many variations of different styles of laptops running the operating system. In the case of Lite OS, it must have support for x86 and ARM.

It is expected that a test version of Lite OS will be available as early as May to be tested during the summer of the Northern Hemisphere.

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