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Apple is the first US company to be worth $1 trillion

For a brief moment, the company’s stock has gone as high as $207.04, making its market value reach the historic mark.

Apple made history again on Thursday, Aug. 2, by becoming the first US company to historically attain market value of $1 trillion. The company value reached the historic mark after its shares were traded for a unit value of more than US $207.04.

After passing the $207.04, the stock fell slightly, holding its value around $ 206.86. Since the beginning of the week, the appreciation of Apple shares was 9%.

Share value growth is associated with financial market enthusiasm with the announcement of the company’s financial results this week. Apple announced revenue growth of 17% in the second fiscal quarter of 2018 compared to 2017, totaling $53.3 billion in the period. The iPhone continues to be the flagship in revenue for the company, and although in units sales have grown only 1%, in revenue value growth was 20%.

With these numbers, the company shows that it may have been successful in launching more expensive iPhone models than usual, such as the iPhone X, and is going well, even facing a saturated market such as smartphones. In addition, other revenue generating areas of the company, such as the Apple Music, iCloud, Apple Pay, etc. line, represent a considerable and growing share in the result  $9.6 billion.

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