Anamorphic lenses will allow cinematic photos with smartphones

It has the ability to enlarge the image in each of the perpendicular meridians.

Who likes photography needs to keep an eye on this novelty. For those who think that mobile devices have already reached the apex with their ultramodern cameras, it is worth checking the new Moment releases.

Moment is a company specializing in the development of smartphone lenses. But this time, the brand is betting on the cinematographic quality for its new products. This week, four models have been launched that aim to make mobile devices truly professional cameras.Among the main products presented is an anamorphic lens, so named because it has the ability to enlarge the image in each of the perpendicular meridians.


The differential behind Moment’s lens


In practice, what the lens allows is the capture of images with high resolution and quality, compared to the professional devices used by cinematography technicians. A visible mark of the use of the lens is that the image is captured in a rectangle, effect also known as “letterbox” among the most knowledgeable of the subject.

To highlight the power of its new lens, Moment invited two filmmakers to test this new product and compare the new lens coupled with the mobile phone to the traditional cameras used by both professionals. The result can be checked in this vlog.

Moment’s new accessory reaches the market for an estimated $ 149. In addition to adjusting the lens, you must use a special application when shooting. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

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