Aamir patel created silic a shirt that is supposedly impossible to stain

Can you imagine a suit that does not stain? Now it exists! If you have the habit of frequently throwing drinks on your clothes, you will surely like a project started and made real (successfully) by North American Aamir Patel.

We are talking about Silic, a T-shirt made of a hydrophobic fabric based on silicon dioxide able to repel any kind of liquid. As you can see in the video below, the material can remain clean even after being targeted with different types of juices and soft drinks.

This technology promises to create an “air layer” between the fabric and the environment, causing liquids … do not stain the piece! The porous material also allows the evaporation of sweat and is highly breathable. It is also very cool because… if it is true, you spend less water because you use less the washing machine and with it, it lasts longer.

The project, which began on the Kickstarter (site that raises funds for entrepreneurial initiatives), achieved  ten times more than the proposed value and became a reality. The hydrophobic properties of the garment last up to 80 washes without ironing and without the use of softeners but, it needs to be washed even because it does not resist oil stains and dust!

Written by marcos alvaro

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