Technology allows you to answer phone simply by touching the ear

The manufacturer of electronic components Rohn Semiconductor has developed a new technology that allows a person to hear the sound of a mobile device just touching the corner of the device in the ear (or more exactly in the cartilage just above the lobe).

In this case, the sound is not sent in the form of waves reaching the eardrum but through vibrations transmitted through the ear cartilage which turn into sounds in its background.

This phenomenon was first observed in 2004 by professor Hiroshi Hosoi, and the department of otolaryngology at the Medical University of Nara, which saw some practical applications of this discovery, as in time to receive calls in noisy places, since the sound coming from the cell or smartphone can be heard more clearly and comfortably. Otherwise, another advantage of this system is that it eliminates the need to press excessive the device against  face, avoiding direct contact of the device screen with the natural fat from the skin or even makeup products.

Based on these ideas, Rohn in partnership with a group of researchers led by Hosoideveloped a new chip + vibrator that was adapted into a prototype cape for iPhone that will be displayed in a speech given by the doctor during the 113th Annual Meeting of the Society of Otolaryngology of Japan, taking place this month in the city ofNiigata.

The company said it intends to develop the product and put it on the market as soon as possible.