Spanish company creates sidewalk with Wi-Fi signal

The Spanish company( iPavement) has brought a proposal somewhat creative to offer a type of pavement equipped with Wi-Fi signal transmitters and Bluetooth for smartphones, tablets and notebooks be able to connect freely.

According to the company, the idea is to spread this kind of special cities sidewalk at an average distance of 20 meters between each one, preventing the person runs the risk of getting no signal at some point. And to keep it all on, according to Mobile Magazine site, a cable 1000 watts of power cuts throughout the region.

The iPavement also brings other extremely useful features, such as cloud storage service where you can download useful applications, such as a digital library, a collection of music and maps of important points in the city, such as restaurants and bars. Also, you can still check the flow of traffic or participate in promotions of local shops.

However, as emphasized by the site Engadget, the company did not specify whether this connection is unlimited, in other words, allowing the person to browse any website, or if it will be limited to specific pages related to the city in question.