Mitt Romney iphone app became a joke on the internet after missed his own country name

Oficialized on Tuesday as a candidate to the presidency of the United States by the Republican Party, Mitt Romney has already met the first setback of the campaign: the new iPhone application released by the team of the candidate brings an error in spelling of country name  and promptly became a joke on the internet.

The word “America” was spelled “Amercia” in the phrase “better Amercia” ​​(“a better America”), which appears in some of the pages of the application. Noticing the error, the Republicans launched a corrected version of the program, but users who have downloaded the original must accept an update of the data.

The error quickly became a joke in social media, reaching the trending topics on Twitter.Users committed intentional typos to satirize the application.

“Amercia is buetlifu” (“America is beautiful”) and “It’s moroning in Amercia” (it’s morningin America “) were some of the jokes of American twitterers.

Romney, 65, was chartered as a candidate for the U.S. presidency after winning theRepublican primaries in Texas and reach the number of delegates needed to compete for the top job in the country.