Facebook could be worth up to U.S. $ 87.5 billion in stock debut


Facebook, the world’s largest social network, on Thursday set the price of its initial public offering  in a range of between $ 28 and $ 35 for each of its common stock. That means the company can reach a market value of between $70 and $87.5 billion. The most optimistic estimates assessed the social network at $ 100 billion.

According to documents presented Thursday at the Stock Exchange Commission of the United States , social networking will lead to grant 180 million Class A common stock and existing shareholders will sell the company’s other 157, 4 millions.

The social network could get to raise up to U.S. $ 11.8 billion in its long-awaited debuton Wall Street. That should be the largest initial public offering of a company in Silicon Valley, surpassing the IPOs of companies like Google and giving the largest social network in the world a market value close to the Amazon.

If additional lots and supplementary are exercised, the company can raise close to $13.6 billion, according to a prospectus released on Thursday. It is expected that demand for the IPO is high, although some have expressed concern about the long-term growth of social networking.
Facebook, which plans to list its share on the Nasdaq under the symbol “FB”, will beginmeeting with investors on Monday.