Apple registers screen patent that moves with user touch

Apple filed for registration of three patents, on Thursday, according to Wired, the first one on a tactile feedback system that responds to vibrations, force or other types of motion at the touch of the user. The second is a soft type of battery that would allow the technology giant to “crush” the power cells in areas of irregular shape. The third describes a small desktop computer built as a single “piece”.

The patent on haptic feedback provides a series of response elements capable of altering the surface of the screen – so the system is different from current models. The description in the application log says to put the components in a tactile kind of elastic layer, which would respond to sensors or actuators, or both, to user interaction.

The  larger or smaller Elements guarantee different reactions according to the received touches . Between the answers of genre, today we can mention the slight vibrations in the use of the virtual keyboard, for example.

The second technology that Apple tries to register is called “rechargeable battery with jelly roll able to have multiple thicknesses.” The cells would be linked to a “jelly roll” in aflexible pouch. The pouch would work as normal battery terminals, connected to the drivers, but it could be “spread” by spaces in which a solid battery would not fit.

The last form submitted by the Cupertino giant speaks of a “small desktop computerthat looks nice”, which would have an aluminum cup formed of a single housing. Almost like a Mac Mini in Apple TV format, according to Wired.

With a single body, the machine would be less vulnerable to damage caused by the environment, and at the same time would have better electromagnetic shielding. Thebase would be removable and made ​​of transparent material.